10 Minutes Digital Marketing – Crash Course – in Hindi

If you want to Learn Basic Concepts of Digital Marketing in 10 Minutes, then this 10 Mins will be worth investing

In this Video I am Going to walk you through Basic Concept of Digital Marketing in a very Fast way to have clarity what are the component of digital marketing.

In this Video I am going to share you with 10 Important Component of Digital Marketing 

1. Website: It can run like a online shop that can make money 24x7x365 even when you are sleeping. 

2. Social Media: Use Social media to do business and not to get distracted and waste time

3. Content Marketing: Content Marketing is the foundation of digital marketing.

4. CRM Systems: You need to track the customers lifetime journey.

5. Paid Ads: If you want to scale and build online business really fast, then you cannot ignore this important component

6. Search Engine Marketing: If you want to bring people in the long term on your website for free, then this is the Key.

7. Funnels: Funnels are extremely important component as it can take your website visitors to paying customers to High Paying customers in a very step by step methods

8. Community Nurturing: Ultimately you yourself can not grow in this world, you need people or community to thrive and succeed.

9. Automation: You have only 24 Hours only in the day and if you want to multiply yourself and want more from 24 Hours, then Automation is the key.

10. Conversions: Ultimately it is conversions or sales we want to make businesses run and grow, and conversion rate optimization is one of the important component that can change the game over night, with small numbers and tweaks you can grow your revenue to multi-fold in same marketing budgets or with almost same efforts online.

If you found useful, please share your comments below.

would love to read your key learnings and insights.

About the Author Gaurav Bhardwaj

He has Over 7+ Years of Experience in Fields like Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, Training, Consultancy, Education, Real Estate, Insurance, Online Trading etc Worked with Reputed Brands like Amazon, Religare, Acme Wealth, RE/MAX, Birla Sun Life, Realatix Consulting, ICICI, PR Consulting, ICFAI etc. Google Certified Professional With All the 7 Certificates and An Amazon-Trained E-Commerce Specialist Worked with 50+ Brands Offering Digital Marketing Services and Consultancy

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